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August 08, 2020
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Features of Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition

#1 in rating
Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition $69.95 Download


Very secure, functional and easy-to-use monitoring tool. With its expansive set of PC monitoring tools, this powerful and totally stealth computer spy software enables you to record everything your child or your employee does. In particular, this product can do the following:

  • Log Skype conversations, chat messages sent and received; record activity in all popular web browsers, as well as in Facebook and other social networks; log all contents of incoming and outgoing emails and webmail; and much more;
  • Generate comprehensive Top-10 Activity Reports, detailing all user activities; archive the logs for future viewing; search the logs for specific keywords;
  • Remotely monitor the PC, sending you scheduled and on-demand email reports and real-time alerts;
  • Remotely update settings from the cloud and uninstall if necessary;
  • Block Unwanted Applications, Websites, and Chat clients;
  • Send you instant alerts via Email when unwanted activities take place.


Available in English only


One of the best monitoring software among those we have tested! Spytech SpyAgent is the best choice for computer monitoring and surveillance needs. Invisible for anyone. Easy-to-use interface. Recommended to absolutely all the groups of our visitors, from beginners to professionals. Recommended for parental control, employee surveillance or monitoring of your home computer! Wherever you are, you will get info about every keystroke users type, every website users visit, every email users send, etc.

Last Update:

SpyAgent has been updated to V10.31. SpyAgent is now capable of logging all the activity for Edge - Chromium-based web browser.


  • Surveillance and Monitoring Features
    • Keystroke Logging
    • Microphone Audio Recording
    • Webcam Capture Recording
    • Emails Sent and Received
    • Events Timeline Logging
    • Internet Chat Conversations
    • Website Activity
    • Application Usage
    • Webmail and Website Content
    • Computer Usage Logging
    • Intelligent Screenshot Capturing
    • Internet Traffic Data
    • Internet Connections
    • Files Uploaded and Downloaded
    • Files/Documents Accessed
    • Files System Usage
    • Files/Documents Printed
    • Window and Mouse Activity
    • Clipboard Logging
    • Activity Logging
    • Specific Program Logging
    • E-Mail Log Delivery
    • FTP Log Delivery
    • Real-Time Remote Viewing
  • Content Filtering Features
    • Application Filtering
    • Website Filtering
    • Chat Filtering
    • SmartLogging - Activity Triggered Logging
    • Instant Email Notification Alerts
  • Security and Stealth Features
    • Stealth-Mode
    • Log File Encryption
    • Security Settings
    • Spyware Detector Disabling
    • Log File Backdating
    • Forced Hidden Files
    • Logging Time Scheduling
    • PC Lockdown Scheduling
    • Warning Screen
    • Password Protection
    • Active Startup
    • Windows Startup
    • Idle Timeout
    • Instant Log Retrieval with a Portable or USB Drive
    • AutoClear
    • Quick Installer for Portable Drives
    • AutoRemove Self-Uninstall
    • AutoArchiving
    • Configurable Stealth Mode Hotkey and/or Key Phrase Access
    • Deploy Utility
  • Reporting and Log Management Features
    • Log Reports
    • Log Cross-Referencing
    • Log Searching
    • Log Filtering
  • Easy to Use!
    • Intuitive Interface
    • Easy Configuration Wizard
IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.
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