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Review of Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition

#1 in rating


Very secure, functional and easy-to-use monitoring tool. With its expansive set of PC monitoring tools, this powerful and totally stealth computer spy software enables you to record everything your child or your employee does. In particular, this product can do the following:

  • Log Skype conversations, chat messages sent and received; record activity in all popular web browsers, as well as in Facebook and other social networks; log all contents of incoming and outgoing emails and webmail; and much more;
  • Generate comprehensive Top-10 Activity Reports, detailing all user activities; archive the logs for future viewing; search the logs for specific keywords;
  • Remotely monitor the PC, sending you scheduled and on-demand email reports and real-time alerts;
  • Remotely update settings from the cloud and uninstall if necessary;
  • Block Unwanted Applications, Websites, and Chat clients;
  • Send you instant alerts via Email when unwanted activities take place.


Available in English only


One of the best monitoring software among those we have tested! Spytech SpyAgent is the best choice for computer monitoring and surveillance needs. Invisible for anyone. Easy-to-use interface. Recommended to absolutely all the groups of our visitors, from beginners to professionals. Recommended for parental control, employee surveillance or monitoring of your home computer! Wherever you are, you will get info about every keystroke users type, every website users visit, every email users send, etc.

Last Update:

SpyAgent has been updated to V10.31. SpyAgent is now capable of logging all the activity for Edge - Chromium-based web browser.

Installation & Interface

In order to install Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition we pass through the following set of windows: Spytech SpyAgent Setup → Welcome → Important Notes (contains information about the keylogger, how to use it and purchase) → EULA → Choose Destination Location → Select SpyAgent Installation Type (Administrator/Tester and Stealth Installation are available) → Ready To Install.

Once we click "Next" button in "Ready To Install" window, installer asks us whether we would like to include an uninstaller. We make our choice and installation begins. Later we are shown "A notice for antivirus users" window, informing us about the files we should add to ignore/exclusions list of our anti-virus in order for SpyAgent to work properly. We read information, click "Next" and see the "Finished" window with check boxes "Run SpyAgent" and "View Help Documentation" marked. We unmark the second one and hit "Close" button.

Once launched, SpyAgent asks us to create a password in order to protect it from the influence of other PC users. We do what we are asked and "Easy configuration and setup wizard" launches. The wizard allows us to easily configure the basic functionality of SpyAgent in a few steps. After the keylogger is configured it launches and we see its interface.

The interface of Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition is really good. Absolutely everything is grouped — intercepted information is divided into general and Internet-related, each of them has its own sub-sections. As a result you do not need to scroll the entire log-file trying to understand where the information you actually need is — everything is done within few clicks! The same situation with program configuration. Need to configure remote sending? Go to "Remote Log Delivery" Section. Want to configure the screenshots-making? "Screen Spy" section is ready to help! Interface of SpyAgent is really clear and easy to use!


So, let’s review SpyAgent according to our testing categories.

OS Support

According to the website of Spytech Software and Design, Inc their flagship product supports all the operation systems listed on our website, including Windows 8. During our tests on Windows 7 and XP, Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition worked perfectly without any glitches. So, this keylogger receives 102 points out of 102 in this section. Brilliant!


The results of Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition in this section are as good as in the previous one. Tested keylogger can be accessed by both typing a pre-defined keyword or pressing a secret hotkey combination. It can be configured to uninstall itself automatically on a pre-specified date and is password protected. As it is shown in the table, user of Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition not only can set a warning message to be shown to the users of a PC under monitoring, but also configure its text. In addition, SpyAgent supports SSL protection of emails with its log files and can create a pre-configured installation file.

All this brings Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition to 125 points out of 125 in this section.


Another section for Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition to show good results. This keylogger records all the types of keystrokes typed, system log on/off and inactivity time, documents printed, mouse clicks, clipboard content and started applications. Additionally, SpyAgent can log the microphone and also has all the possible functions related to screenshots-making implemented. User can configure how often to make screenshots and of what quality they should be. He also can configure whether to make screenshots when user clicks a mouse button and whether it should be the screenshots of the entire desktop or active window only.

There are newly developed features making the product even more advanced. One of them is Microphone Audio Recording – the sounds near computer can now be registered. In addition, the images of the surrounding can be taken and saved with Webcam Capture Recording function.


The only fly in the ointment in this section is inability of SpyAgent to intercept the logon password and far from perfect file-activity monitoring. Tested keylogger can log opening, creating, renaming and removal of the files, but not their copying. In total — 330 out of 340 points in this section.

Online Monitoring

New section — very good results as usual. Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition perfectly monitors websites visited in all the 5 browsers listed in our comparison. The same situation with emails' interception — the text of both outgoing and incoming email messages can be read in the log files of keylogger. SpyAgent also has a very handy feature, called "Screenshots of visited web-sites" in our comparison.

Websites Visited
Websites Visited

Unfortunately, the interception of chat conversations made in messengers is not as perfect as all the described above. While Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition logs both sides of chat conversations made in ICQ, Yahoo IM, AIM and Skype. 176 out of 176 points in total.


Finally the perfect section for Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition! This keylogger has absolutely all the features of this section implemented! The reports can be sent via email, LAN, FTP or saved to a flash drive. User can configure them to show the information in lots of ways. By the way, we must say that Spytech SpyAgent has very many options for reports configuration — not only those present in our comparison table, but lots of others — starting from their Top 10 reports and ending with a very handy "Cross-Reference Logs" feature. The last one allows you to find all the information related to the selected event from all the types of intercepted information. 150 out of 150 points!


Last section in our review could also give Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition maximum points if it had been translated to other languages except English.

The rest of the features are as usual present. This keylogger has a monitoring scheduler, can restrict both pre-specified websites' visiting and applications' starting. Additionally, if need be, monitoring process may be performed in online mode due to successfully implemented Real-Time Remote Viewing and can be configured to start when a keyword from a pre-specified list appears. In total — 82 points out of 108.

Spytech SpyAgent optional service

When you purchase Spytech SpyAgent, you can also buy very useful optional service at an additional cost. It will provide you with the following advantages:
- Extended Download Warranty will be helpful if you are planning to buy a new computer or reinstall software in the nearest two years. With this optional service offered by the payment platform, you will be able to simply retrieve your software from service provider's servers at any time during the next 24 months. Buy this service - and never worry about losing the installation files anymore!
- Lifetime Upgrade Insurance will enable you to upgrade to all major version releases for free. Just pay a one-time fee instead of paying upgrade fees each time!
- Stealth Email Service works in conjunction with our monitoring software (e.g. SpyAgent, SpyAnywhere) to provide users with guaranteed totally secure remote log delivery. Stealth Email will work even around ISP's who block third-party email services like AT&T, AOL, MSN, and others. If you need easily configured remote log delivery function that works in total privacy, this service is for you.
- SpyAnywhere is a browser-based remote monitoring and remote control tool for your personal computer. It will enable you to view every keystroke pressed in real-time, as well as to manage open windows and programs. SpyAnywhere connects directly to a remote computer and monitors it in real-time mode, so that you can keep an eye on how your computer is useв - at any time, from any location.

The Bottom Line

Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition is one of the best keyloggers among those we have tested. It is a very functional and easy to use keylogger that can be used for employee monitoring, parental control and monitoring of your home computer. We recommend it to absolutely all the groups of our visitors: from beginners to professionals!

Points total: 965 out of 1001

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